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Gold Rush

 The Grail

About Jailbreak/CSI

You have been wrongfully accused of a crime you did not commit and sentenced to life in prison.  You realize the only way to prove your innocence is by escaping your cell and solving the case.  While the warden is tending to a riot, you have one hour to escape your cell and prove that you are innocent.  Can you solve the case in time?

The Dorm

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About The Quest for The Grail

Imagine you are in the year 1941.  You receive an urgent message from a private collector.  "The mission for the grail went astray with the disappearance of your archeology professor."  Upon retrieving your professor in Nazi territory, the race is on to find the grail before the Nazi's do - who plan to use it for world domination.  Can you find the grail in time?

Fantasy Escape Room

Gold Rush 

Gold miner James Marshall is one of the most ruthless hunters in California's Gold Rush of 1849.  He would do anything to find his pay dirt.  His gold fever soul is very malicious, and if you try to jump his claim you will meet your untimely end, just like the gamblers and the thieves who tried before you.  This 49er lives alone in a remote cabin hidden deep in the dark woods.  Word is that old James has quite a stash of gold hiding in his humble abode.  Today you finally find his cabin!  When James steps out to do some propecting for those nuggets, you sneak inside.  To your surprise the door shuts and locksbehind you.  If James catches you; you will be a flash in the pan. If you're brilliant enough; you will find the gold and get out before you are caught.

Fantasy Escape is Pennsylvania's newest Escape adventure!

Escape rooms have been sweeping the nation and the demand for fun filled adventure right here in Pennsylvania has been fulfilled! Come check out our two rooms that will keep you entertained. You have one hour to escape the room you are locked in. Find clues and solve puzzles to unlock even more fun!   


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About The Dorm

It is finals week and all you have done is party all year!  If you do not pass your finals you will lose your scholarship; so you and your friends decide to break into the Dean's office and to take all the Master Test Keys.  Now you have to get by security and escape the premises with the Master Test Keys.

      Lewisburg's Only Escape Room

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