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Success Rate 20%

The Bunker

Success Rate 40%

All bookings are scheduled 4 hours in advance.

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It was a full moon on a fall night when a chilling 911 call came through that would turn the town of Lycolmine upside down.  I have several suspects in custody but time is running out.  You have 1 hour to make an arrest or I will have to let all suspects free.   


      Lewisburg's Only Escape Room

Success Rate 25%

Welcome to Fantasy Escape!

Our Rooms

​​​The Wisp In The Wild Wood



While walking through the woods, you find a lighted cave that sparked your interest!  Your curiosity had you enter, now you are TRAPPED... There's a secret in the cave that will help you escape.  Can you escape before your time runs out or be another lost soul to the cave! 

Fantasy Escape Room


Escape rooms have been sweeping the nation and the demand for fun filled adventure right here in Pennsylvania has been fulfilled! Come check out our four rooms that will keep you entertained. You have one hour to escape the room you are locked in. Find clues and solve puzzles to unlock even more fun!   


Fantasy Escape is Pennsylvania's newest Escape adventure!

Success Rate 15%

​It is the year 2020 and you are deep underground. You and your family have been cut off from the world for 8 months. Food and supplies are running low, and it is time to leave. You must first find the code, grab your survival gear, and escape the bunker. Can you escape in time to begin life in the new age of humanity?

​​You're on your 4th day at sea.  A storm hits.  You hear a loud crash.  Water is starting to seep in.  You realize that the ship won't be staying afloat much longer.  Find the life jacket in time and make the front page of the paper as a survivor or you'll be another like those buried at sea.

       ​Full Moon Murder Mystery

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