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The Bunker

Escape rooms have been sweeping the nation and the demand for fun filled adventure right here in Pennsylvania has been fulfilled! Come check out our four rooms that will keep you entertained. You have one hour to escape the room you are locked in. Find clues and solve puzzles to unlock even more fun!   


Pirate Abduction

​​​Valentine's Massacre

The Heist

Fantasy Escape is Pennsylvania's newest Escape adventure!

Success Rate 15%

You all wake up in dirty, smelly holding cells. After a few minutes, you realize that you are on a ship, you will be forced into slavery, with filthy dirty pirates as your masters. Before you plan your escape, you all decide some revenge is in order. You have one hour to escape your cells, find the treasure, and jump ship, or else it's a pirates life for you.

​It is the year 2020 and you are deep underground. You and your family have been cut off from the world for 8 months. Food and supplies are running low, and it is time to leave. You must first find the code, grab your survival gear, and escape the bunker. Can you escape in time to begin life in the new age of humanity?

​​It's 2:55 in the afternoon, Wyatt Earp, 2 brothers and Doc Holliday are sitting in the O.K. Corral Saloon discussing the latest series of crimes and devising a plan to round up the local Cowboy outlaws, who are known for their violent criminal history.  The townspeople start screaming. Immediately,  you all know something bad is about to happen! You and the Cowboy outlaws just rode into town to steal the largest diamond in the world. You have 1hr to steal the diamond and escape Tombstome before Wyatt Earp and his clan return.

A small town is excited about Valentine's Day. It's the 1st dance in 20yrs. The secret of murder and mystery got the best of them. But not this time! You and your friends have no idea Valentine's Day is the anniversary of a horrible mining accident. Henry, the only survivor was sent to an asylum. This Valentine's Day party is held where else, the mines! This seems like a poor idea for a lot of reasons. A killer stalks the town. Is Henry back or has a new killer taken up his murderous crusade? Can you find the killer in time before you are next?

      Lewisburg's Only Escape Room

Success Rate 25%

Success Rate 35%

Success Rate 20%

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