Fantasy Escape Room


About Us!

We are a new escape adventure in Lewisburg PA! We started Fantasy Escape because of the lack of escape rooms in this area! Looking for something exciting and different to do with your friends, family or colleagues?  Do you want to be challenged in a way that you have never been challenged before? Stop by and try one of our four exciting rooms today!  It is simple: you and your friends have one hour to work together as a team, solve the clues, puzzles, riddles and get out.  Be sure to always think outside the box!  When the door closes behind you, you will be locked in a room with a real-life scenario with only 60 minutes to escape.  So use your time wisely!  Remember it's all about fun!!!  This experience will be unlike any other you have ever had!  Sound interesting? Book your game now! 


      Lewisburg's Only Escape Room

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