1794 Liberty Cap Large Cent: Exact Head of 1795

The 1794 Liberty Cap Large Cent with the Exact Head of 1795 is a fascinating and highly collectible coin in American numismatics. Minted at the Philadelphia Mint in 1794, this coin features the Liberty Cap design, which was used on large cents from 1793 to 1796.

The "Exact Head of 1795" variety refers to a distinctive portrait of Liberty on the obverse of the coin, which closely resembles the design used on large cents struck in 1795.

This variety is characterized by the more refined and detailed depiction of Liberty's head, with distinct facial features and hair curls.

The obverse of the coin features a left-facing bust of Liberty wearing a Liberty cap, with flowing hair cascading down her neck. The reverse depicts a wreath encircling the denomination "ONE CENT" and the inscription "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA."

Coins from the early years of the United States Mint, such as the 1794 Liberty Cap Large Cent, are highly sought after by collectors for their historical significance and scarcity. They represent the beginnings of American coinage and offer a glimpse into the nation's formative years.

Due to their rarity and desirability, examples of the 1794 Liberty Cap Large Cent with the Exact Head of 1795 variety command significant premiums in the numismatic market, particularly in well-preserved condition.

Owning a specimen of this coin allows collectors to possess a piece of American history and adds a prestigious addition to their collection.

The concept of a "Bicentennial Quarter Bonanza" featuring three rare coins, each valued at $5 million or more, piques curiosity and raises questions about the rarity and uniqueness of these coins.

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