1798 Turban Head Gold $2.50 Quarter Eagle

The 1798 Turban Head Gold $2.50 Quarter Eagle is a remarkable and highly sought-after coin in American numismatics, renowned for its historical significance and rarity.

Minted during the formative years of the United States Mint, this coin represents a pivotal period in the nation's coinage history and is treasured by collectors for its beauty and scarcity.

Designed by Robert Scot, the obverse of the 1798 Turban Head Quarter Eagle features a left-facing bust of Liberty wearing a turban-like head covering, symbolizing freedom and sovereignty.

The word "LIBERTY" appears above her, and the date "1798" is positioned below. This design is known as the Turban Head, owing to the style of Liberty's head covering.

On the reverse, an eagle is depicted with outstretched wings, clutching an olive branch and arrows in its talons, symbolizing peace and strength.

Above the eagle is the inscription "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," and below is the denomination "2 1/2 D." for two and a half dollars.

The 1798 Turban Head Gold $2.50 Quarter Eagle is considered rare, with surviving examples highly prized by collectors.

The 1804 Draped Bust Quarter has a price tag of approximately $5.5 million because to its enigmatic late introduction and extreme rarity. Its peculiarity is enhanced by the fact that it was really struck in 1805 or later, even though its date is 1804. 

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