1802 Draped Bust Silver Dollar: Proof Restrike

The 1802 Draped Bust Silver Dollar Proof Restrike is a numismatic treasure that blends the timeless beauty of an iconic design with the prestige of a modern minting process.

While the original 1802 Draped Bust Silver Dollars were minted for circulation, proof restrikes were produced later as a means to satisfy collector demand and commemorate the historical significance of the design.

Designed by Robert Scot, the obverse of the 1802 Draped Bust Silver Dollar features a dignified portrayal of Lady Liberty facing left, her hair gracefully draped and bound by a ribbon.

The word "LIBERTY" arcs above her head, and the date "1802" is positioned below. Thirteen stars symbolizing the original thirteen colonies encircle Liberty.

On the reverse, an eagle with outstretched wings clutches an olive branch and arrows, representing peace and strength, respectively. Above the eagle is the inscription "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," while below is the denomination "ONE DOLLAR" within a laurel wreath.

Proof restrikes of the 1802 Draped Bust Silver Dollar were struck using the original dies, with meticulous attention to detail to create coins with mirror-like surfaces and sharp, intricate reliefs.

These coins were struck multiple times on specially prepared planchets to achieve the desired effect, resulting in coins of exceptional quality and beauty.

Its existence continues to captivate collectors and enthusiasts, ensuring its enduring legacy for generations to come.

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