3 Growth Stocks With More Potential Than Cryptocurrencies (Part-2)

QuantumScape hasn't commercialized any of its batteries since its public appearance, but its latest batteries might give EVs a 400-500-mile range in 15 minutes. It's also creating 600-mile batteries that charge in 30 minutes.

Most top-tier EV lithium-ion batteries offer a 300-mile range and a 30-minute charge. Volkswagen's endurance test indicated QuantumScape's batteries could run an EV for over 310,000 miles "without any noticeable loss of range." After 200,000 miles, most lithium-ion batteries lose 10% of their range.

Even though QuantumScape's technology seems disruptive, the stock is hard to evaluate without revenue. However, if it commercializes its first batteries before its competitors, its stock could soar in the coming years.

3. IonQ In October 2021, quantum computing company IonQ merged with a SPAC, offering another speculative gamble. Cloud-based quantum computing provider IonQ is seeking to downsize qubit processing unit (QPU) devices from several feet to a few inches wide with their "trapped ion" technology.

Miniaturization should make big quantum computing devices that process binary "bits" of zeros and ones easier to manufacture. That significant leap could boost cloud, machine learning, and AI sectors.

IonQ measures quantum computing power with algorithmic qubits. After AQ 29 in 2023 and 35 earlier this year, it hopes to attain AQ 64 by 2025 and 1,024 by 2028.

Despite only $22 million in revenue in 2023, it continues to attract government and commercial customers. Analysts predict 77% revenue growth in 2024 and 110% in 2025, so it has room to grow.

At roughly 50 times this year's sales, IonQ's stock is expensive and unprofitable. However, if IBM can meet its downsizing targets and scale up, its sales might soar as the quantum computing sector grows.

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