Anne Hathaway claims 'toxic' Hathahate backlash cost her roles.

Christopher Nolan helped Anne Hathaway overcome "Hathahate". The "Idea of You" singer, 41, appears for the April cover of Vanity Fair and told the magazine in an interview published Monday that she missed out on parts despite winning an Oscar in 2013 due to online hostility. "A lot of people wouldn't give me roles because they were so concerned about how toxic my identity had become online," stated.

Hathaway was referencing to early 2010s social media backlash that called her "annoying" for her honesty and acting commitment. In 2013, "Hathahate" gained popularity when Hathaway won an Oscar for "Les Misérables" and referenced the song "I Dreamed a Dream" in her victory speech, stating that "it came true.""

At this time, Nolan cast Hathaway in his 2014 sci-fi thriller "Interstellar," which she called a blessing during the bad times. Nolan's 2012 "The Dark Knight Rises" cast Hathaway as Catwoman.

"I had an angel in Christopher Nolan, who did not care about that and gave me one of the most beautiful roles I've had in one of the best films that I've been a part of," Hathaway said. "I don't know if he knew that he was backing me at the time, but it had that effect."

She said "And my career did not lose momentum the way it could have if he hadn't backed me." In October 2022, Hathaway told Elle's Women in Hollywood event that she saw "the language of hatred from a new perspective" on her online backlash.

"This was a language I had employed with myself since I was 7," she told Elle. "When your self-inflicted grief is amplified by the internet at full volume... It's something." Hathaway told Ellen DeGeneres in 2014 that she was outraged by "Why Does Everybody Hate Anne Hathaway?" Ignoring online criticism was hard because she "hadn't learned to love myself yet."

"If you don't love yourself, when someone else says horrible things to you, a part of you's always going to believe them," she said. So I said, 'Okay, I don't believe these folks. I don't agree with them even partially. I'll discover my identity."

Hathaway told Vanity Fair how she would advise a young person on internet hate. “I want to hug them, make them tea and tell them to live as long and well as they can,” she emailed the publication. "That they may feel this moment less as they age. I hope their life is a million times more interesting than this dreadful moment."

Hathaway, who wore a corset for Vanity Fair's photo shoot and a black bra for the cover, said in another part of the interview that she was told she had no sex appeal when she started in Hollywood, but she never believed it. "I'm Scorpio," she said. "I know what I’m like on a Saturday night."

Hathaway also recalls being told her career will collapse around 35. Since her 35th birthday in 2017, Hathaway has starred in "Ocean's 8," "The Witches," "Armageddon Time," and "The Idea of You," a romance that hits Amazon Prime Video on May 2.

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