Chiefs and Titans Announce Trade Including L'Jarius Sneed

Previously a cornerback for the Kansas City Chiefs, L'Jarius Sneed is now a member of the Tennessee Titans.

As of today, the Chiefs and Titans both made the announcement that Sneed has been traded from Kansas City to Tennessee. This deal had been anticipated for a long time and was finally finalized

These two clubs are also exchanging seventh-round picks in this year's draft, with the Chiefs moving up to Pick No. 221 and the Titans moving down to Pick No. 252.

The trade between the two teams involves the Chiefs receiving the third-round draft pick of the Titans in 2025 and the Titans receiving the seventh-round pick back.

Despite the fact that the Chiefs had no intention of keeping Sneed, they were able to obtain a better return by franchise tagging and trading him than they would have been able to achieve by simply allowing him to walk away in free agency

In the event that Sneed had signed with the Chiefs as a free agent, the Chiefs would have been able to potentially acquire a compensation pick in the year 2025 at the conclusion of the third round. By tagging and moving Sneed, the Chiefs are able to acquire a higher pick in the third round of the 2025 draft, in addition to gaining a higher pick in the seventh round of this year's draft.

The first time Sneed was brought to Kansas City, he was selected in the fourth round of the NFL draft in the year 2020. He had a strong performance in the minimal playing time he had as a rookie, and he has been a starter for the Chiefs on a full-time basis for the past three years.

Sneed is anticipated to be signed by the Titans to a contract for $76 million over the course of four years, and the Titans believe that he will continue to be a starter in Tennessee for many years to come.

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