Diabetes Diet: Healthy Food Swaps for Blood Sugar Control

Living with diabetes requires healthy choices. Diabetes problems can result from uncontrolled blood sugar. Nutrition is key to managing the illness. Diabetes diets must include naturally blood sugar-lowering foods. Small adjustments can make enormous differences.

Food nutrients might vary with cooking. Diabetics should bake instead of fried. Frying increases calories and worsens the illness.

Most people believe diabetics cannot consume fruits since they contain natural sugar. Diabetics can moderately eat fruits. Make sure to choose low-Glycemic fruits. Diabetics benefit from vitamin C-rich fruits.

However, fruit drinks lack fiber. For one glass of fruit juice, you need more fruits. This adds sugar to one glass of juice. Diabetics should pick whole fruits over juices to control blood sugar.

Unhealthy snacks including cookies, chips, candy, and fries are often eaten between meals. Some of these sugary foods are deep-fried.

Eat nuts to curb hunger between meals. Essential nutrients make nuts very healthy. Almonds, walnuts, peanuts, and pistachios are diabetic-friendly. Avoid fried or salted nuts.

Diabetics benefit from whole grains. Whole grains also lower diabetes and heart disease risk, according to research.

You can use these adjustments along with your doctor's medications and warnings to manage the disease daily.

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