Ethereum leads NFT market with daily sales of over US$11 million entering weekend.

Bitcoin, which was the most popular network on Thursday, experienced a decline of 16%, while Ethereum NFT sales increased by 5.21% to reach US$11 million on Friday, leading the market.

As of Friday, Bitcoin ranks second with total sales of $10.21 million in United States dollars.

Although there has been a decrease in sales, it is anticipated that Bitcoin will top $3 billion in total sales from this week. The network is less than 700,000 dollars American away from reaching the milestone.

With a total of $5.30 billion in sales, Solana, which was ranked third, had a decline of 21.58%.

Two of Solana's initiatives, Mad Lads and Froganas, were among the top 10 collection rankings on Friday. Both of these ventures had a total revenue of less than one million dollars in the United States

Today marks the first day of the week in which there was not a single Solana project that was classified as one of the top three collections.

With a 10.71% gain in sales, Mythos, which is currently ranked fourth, demonstrated a strong trend by hitting $1.08 million in the United States in the past twenty-four hours.

The DMarket collection, which serves as a representation of in-game non-fungible tokens and virtual items within its network, accounted for the majority of Mythos's sales. On Friday, the DMarket collection had the third-highest collection sales with a total of $1.06 million

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