launches $20M generative AI accelerator is funding organizations creating generative AI innovation through a new program. Accelerator: Generative AI, funded by $20 million in grants, will involve 21 nonprofits, including, which develops AI-powered tools for student writing feedback, and World Bank, which is developing a generative AI app to make development research more accessible.

In addition to money, NGOs in the six-month accelerator program will receive technical training, workshops, mentors, and a "AI coach."'s fellowship program will allow Google workers to work full-time with Tarjimly, Benefits Data Trust, and mRelief to launch their planned generative AI products for up to six months.

AI is being used by Tarjimly to translate languages for refugees, while programs Data Trust is creating assistants to help caseworkers enroll low-income applicants in public programs. mRelief is creating a SNAP application tool for the U.S.

Generative AI can help social impact teams be more productive, creative, and effective in serving their communities," blogged director of global advocacy Annie Lewin. " funding recipients report that AI helps them achieve their goals in one third of the time at nearly half the cost."

A PwrdBy poll found that 73% of organizations feel AI innovation supports their missions and 75% believe it simplifies donor categorization, back-office operations, and "mission-driven" projects.

However, cost, money, and time remain obstacles for organizations building their own AI solutions or using third-party technologies.

Lewin cites a poll in the blog post that revealed that while four in five nonprofits think generative AI could be useful, nearly half aren't employing it due to internal and external barriers. "[These nonprofits] cite a lack of tools, awareness, training and funding as the biggest barriers to adoption," stated.

Corley did not specify a ruling date. The court was also suspicious of Tesla's request to halt the case pending the class action and California agency litigation. The EEOC's lawsuit demands unspecified compensatory and punitive penalties for an undetermined number of Black workers and an order to modify Tesla's anti-discrimination and retaliation practices.

Nonprofit AI startups are rising, which is encouraging. Fast Forward, a nonprofit accelerator, reported over a third of its latest applicants were AI firms. AI ethics lab AlgorithmWatch, virtual reading clinic JoyEducation, and conservation advocacy group Earth05 are among dozens of nonprofits worldwide working on AI ethics, according to Crunchbase.

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