Myths Regarding Sugar That You Must Not Believe

You may have heard that sugar is bad for you and causes weight gain. Several ifs and buts accompany these assertions.

Several sugar fallacies can make people give up their favorite sweets. Common sugar fallacies addressed to help you consume sugar correctly. Check it out.

Sugar is thought to be addictive. There is no scientific proof sugar is addicted. Sweets may boost dopamine, but they are not addictive. Some have sugar cravings or prefer sugar to other foods.

Contrary to popular belief, sugar does not cause diabetes. Sugar is often used to describe diabetes. However, type-2 diabetes risk factors include family history, heredity, age, body weight, PCOS, and physical activity.

You're not against sugar. Many people cut sugar to reduce weight or eat healthier. Sugar is bad in excess. Consuming it improperly is bad. So, limit sugar and harmful sources like sweetened drinks.

The market is full of artificially sweetened meals and drinks. They believed to be healthier than conventional items.

Research shows artificial sweeteners are addicting. Diabetes and cancer are also connected to excessive artificial sweetener use.C

Overeating sweets and sweetened drinks can cause cavities. Sugar in itself is not the problem. Eat sugar moderately. Avoid added sugar and pick natural sugar.

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