In quick combine interview, Caleb Williams pleased Bears chairman George McCaskey.

ORLANDO If their team had the No. 1 pick, several NFL owners would want to be involved in the franchise-defining choice. These owners don't include Bears chairman George McCaskey. He would claim, "None." when asked about his role in the quarterback decision for general manager Ryan Poles and head coach Matt Eberflus.

But McCaskey typically attends top prospect combine interviews. He's silent. Just observing. In late February, the USC standout met Bears decision-makers in Indianapolis for 10–15 minutes to meet anticipated No. 1 overall pick Caleb Williams.

It was a brief meeting, but it was important because the Bears aim to build their franchise around Williams. "I think it was at 10:40 at night, and he was remarkably gregarious, engaged, and friendly," McCaskey said Tuesday during the NFL league meetings in Orlando. "When they got down to football, he was right in it."

McCaskey quickly denied asking any questions during the Bears' quarterback interviews. Poles allowed Williams to join Chicago by trading quarterback Justin Fields to the Steelers for a conditional 2025 sixth-round pick. Poles, Eberflus, and the Bears' offensive staff headed to LA to visit Williams for a few days. Before USC's pro day, they brought him and his draft-eligible teammates to dinner and installed Williams offensively.

Williams' maturity, leadership, and connection to teammates and staff pleased Poles and Eberflus. Williams, a top-30 team, will visit Halas Hall in early April. They'll acquire the USC star's medical info then. Bears scouts closely monitor every college injury. Williams played through one hamstring strain. The Bears expect no shocks from that information.

Williams' offensive installation will be tested again by the Bears. They want to examine how he processes headset calls, recalls information, and presents it in the huddle. McCaskey will only participate in the 30 visit if Poles and Eberflus ask. He'll remain out of the way otherwise.

Ryan and Matt decide the format "McCaskey discussed his part in the 30 visit. "Happy to accommodate their schedule." McCaskey is willing to talk to the presumed No. 1 choice if Poles intend to. “If they want me to, I would love to," McCaskey added. Unless otherwise, McCaskey will observe. Since hiring Kevin Warren as president and letting him manage Poles, he has tried to stay out of football operations.

McCaskey has been impressed with the Bears' decision-makers, lead by Poles, who has put the Bears in position to rise if they get the No. 1 choice correctly.

Remarkable. Calm "McCaskey stated of Poles. "Maybe he's churning up inside, but he exudes calm, and I think that's very helpful for his staff, especially, but for the entire building, to see the leader of our football operation taking thoughtful, measured steps to make us better." Those deliberate steps will get the Bears to Williams on April 25. A new era of Bears football with a bright future will begin.

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