Jordan Love: We think we can win the Super Bowl this season.

Because Jordan Love was a new starter at quarterback and the team was inexperienced in several other areas after bringing an end to the Aaron Rodgers era in Green Bay, no one knew exactly what to expect from the Packers heading into the 2023 season. This was due to the fact that the Packers had moved on from the passing of Aaron Rodgers.

Despite the fact that the club was 6-8 and out of the playoff picture after 14 games, it appeared as though the season would end in failure. However, they kept their finest play for the final stretch of the postseason. 

They were able to qualify for the playoffs by completing the regular season with three consecutive victories, and Love led them to a rout of the Cowboys in Dallas to kick off the playoffs. The season came to a close with a difficult defeat at the hands of the 49ers by a score of 24-21 the next week, but the overall picture offered a great deal of optimism for the future.

A statement made by Love during an appearance on The Pivot Podcast indicated that the group does not consider the year 2024 to be a stepping stone on the path to their ultimate objective.

As a result of the year of experience that he and other members of the team have gained, as well as the addition of players such as running back Josh Jacobs and safety Xavier McKinney, Love stated that the team is aiming to set the bar as high as it can possibly be in the year 2024.

Of course, it's a wonderful sensation," Love remarked. Each and every one of us is extremely eager for the new year. As you mentioned, there is a lot of confidence from the top down to the bottom up. The company is of the opinion that the current moment is very favorable for the possibility of winning a Super Bowl in this year's season. The conversations that we had after that 49ers game were as follows: 

Work harder, try and find ways to get better, because next year we're going to do it." There is no longer any "we're a young team," and there are no longer any hypothetical situations that may have occurred. Now that people are aware of what we are about. Now that we have that target on our back, it is pretty obvious that people are going to want to beat us into submission. We are in need of food.

It will not be simple for the Packers to turn that belief into reality; nevertheless, they are certain that they have their quarterback, and once that component is in place, the remaining pieces of the puzzle will be much less intimidating.

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