Meghan returns to Instagram to promote new cookbook, cutlery, and food line.  

Montecito, California Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, teased a new business on Instagram that may include jams, household goods, cookbooks, and silverware.

The former actress deserted Instagram after becoming engaged to Prince Harry and spoke about social media's hazards last week. American Riviera Orchard, according to Meghan, launched on Instagram on Thursday. Unverified account contained logo pictures and link to website to join waitlist.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office documents filed in February registered the American Riviera Orchard name and sought trademark protection for various goods and services. These include textiles, cutlery, “jellies, jams; marmalades” and food spreads. It said the brand may offer “coffee services in the nature of tableware; tea services in the nature of tableware; servingware for serving food and drinks; decanters” and other beverage apparel.

Application should encompass cookbooks and shop space, according to paperwork. The duchess' representative did not respond on time. According to Delaware documents, Mama Knows Best was registered in January and submitted the trademark.

Santa Barbara tourism promotes itself as “The American Riviera” with a trademark. Meghan, Katie Couric, and Brooke Shields discussed how social media negatively affected young mothers like herself at the South by Southwest festival last week. She said she faced online “bullying and abuse” during and after her two pregnancies

“I keep my distance from it right now just for my own well-being,” she stated. “You understand why people are so hateful. Not catty. So cruel.”

Meghan appeared in “Suits” and ran The Tig blog before marrying Prince Harry. She deleted it following her engagement, but she and Harry shared an Instagram account as senior royals.

Meghan and Harry live in Montecito, California, a celebrity-filled seaside town near Santa Barbara. Montecito is mentioned in the American Riviera Orchard Instagram post. The royal pair resigned as “your highness” in January 2020 and stopped receiving public monies. Since then, Meghan performed a Spotify podcast and Harry published a popular memoir.

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