Methods for Preparing Grilled Prawns 

This prawn meal will delight seafood lovers. The moist inside and crispy skin of these prawns create a fresh taste experience. This simple recipe with clear instructions will help you produce excellent Grilled Prawns even if you're new to cooking seafood.

These simple methods will yield a plate of hot prawns ready to eat. Grilled Prawns can be a weekend supper menu addition or a great beginning. This prawn recipe can also be served as a snack during a party. 

 Prawns are low in calories and delicious, so try this grilled prawns recipe for a healthy and pleasant meal. Nothing beats the smell of prawns sizzling in a flavorful marinade. Even without a griller, you can cook prawns on skewers on a griddle or grill pan. 

Once you know how this recipe works, you can change the marinade and prepare grilled prawns to your liking. This recipe requires just that you not overcook the prawns, which become rubbery and chewy. 

 Memorizing this best-grilled prawns recipe will give you a divine taste. Grilled prawns go nicely with spaghetti, meats, salads, and shellfish.

Get the marinade ready. To make this simple dish, cut the spring onion roughly, add the peeled garlic and ginger, then blend in the chilli powder, salt, sugar, soy sauce, lemon juice, and coriander leaves until a fine paste forms.

Get the prawns marinated. Next, rinse the prawns and let them marinade in the paste for a minimum of fifteen minutes.

Skewer the marinated prawns. Gather a skewer and begin threading it with prawns one by one. Be careful not to space the prawns out too much.

Before serving, grill the prawns on skewers for three to five minutes. Allow a grill pan to smoke over medium heat. Next, coat it with the vegetable oil and set the prawns on skewers to grill. Ensure that the pan is not too full. Take them off the stove after 3 minutes of cooking time on each side.

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