NFL media rumors Woody Johnson, Robert Saleh "very heated conversation"

When it comes to working for NFL Media, there is a regulation that is not written down stating that you should not cause any trouble for the 32 teams that own the organization.

During a recent episode of the football league's podcast titled "Around the NFL," that rule was disregarded. 

Colleen Wolfe, a presenter for NFL Media, reported that Jets coach Robert Saleh and owner Woody Johnson were engaged in a "very heated conversation" during the league meetings.

On Monday evening, according to the reports, the incident took place. "Maybe they were disagreeing on how they like their steak cooked," Wolfe said to reporters

"Doubt that though." At one point, she made an attempt to retreat by claiming that the situation was not a "argument," but rather a "discussion."

"A little awkward," she remarked. "A little awkward." An unknown source provided her with information about their "body language," which she used as the basis for her decision.

A lively conversation they were having," she said to me. "So, what was that about?" It was after that she referred to it as "super awkward," and she added, "Where there's smoke, there's fire."

This is the kind of material that hardly seldom, if ever, comes from media outlets that are owned by the league. Because Johnson or another member of the Jets only needs to pick up the phone and complain to NFL Media, this is a very dangerous terrain to be on. As a result of the fact that the Jets own one-third of NFL Media, the issue cannot be disregarded or given little consideration.

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