Observations of the NFL's new kickoff regulation will be closely monitored by college football.

NFL approved a new kickoff rule Tuesday, one of the biggest rules modifications ever. The NFL hopes this is just the beginning.

“All eyes are going to be on this hybrid kickoff, every league — college, spring, high school, down to youth football,” said Saints special teams coach Darren Rizzi. "Other leagues may embrace this safer concept if we succeed. The 32 special coordinators must now make that part work."

Kirby Smart, a college football rules committee member and Georgia coach, agrees that the hybrid kickoff would be keenly watched.

I think NFL is model. They know their desires. Smart told TheAthletic.com's Seth Emerson on Tuesday that they know their strategy. “They'll get it right, and hopefully we can investigate if the kickoff isn't part of our game.”

TruMedia reported 49.6% FBS kickoff returns in 2023. The typical kickoff raises safety concerns like the NFL.

NFL kickoff is a modified XFL kickoff. Ten teammates will line up on the other team's 40-yard line as the kicker kicks from his 35-yard line. Nine or 10 receiver blockers will set up on their 35-yard line. The kick must land within the 20-yard and goal lines

 The receiving team receives a kick that goes out of bounds or short of the 20 at the 40-yard line. Kicks into the end zone for touchbacks move to the receiving team's 30-yard line. It eliminates high-speed collisions like the traditional kickoff since players are motionless until the ball is returned or touches the ground.

This is hopefully the norm for a long time," said Cowboys special teams coach John Fassel. The colleges may embrace it. High school embracing it. Flag football embracing it. I think seeing this spread to other football leagues would make us proudest. I think we improved and made football today, and that will spread."

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