Oliver Hudson 'felt unprotected' growing up with Goldie Hawn.

Even the most doting parents have their flaws, and Oliver Hudson has come to appreciate his parents more for it. In an interview that was released on March 18, Hudson—the son of Bill Hudson and Goldie Hawn—discussed his childhood with Hawn. The podcast is co-hosted by Hudson and her sister, Kate Hudson.

While speaking with married athletes Bode Miller and Morgan Beck, the actor of "The Cleaning Lady" revealed that a course he took at the Hoffman Institute made him think about his connection with his parents when he was a kid. "Identify negative behaviors, moods, and ways of thinking that developed unconsciously and were conditioned in childhood," according to the Hoffman Institute's website, describes the Hoffman Process, the institute's flagship program, which is a weeklong psychological retreat.

The week will shed light on your parents' lives, Hudson assured them. By the conclusion of it all, you'll feel such incredible compassion and forgiveness for them. For the simple reason that it becomes clear that all they're doing is acting out the same way they did when they were kids.

While Hudson had anticipated that the retreat discussions would center on his troubled father Bill, he was somewhat aback to learn that the majority of his "trauma" from childhood originated with Hawn, whom he characterized as his "primary caregiver."

I felt vulnerable at times,” Hudson confessed. Sometimes she'd be away at work, and other times she'd have boyfriends that I didn't get along with. She would be going about her day, and her mother was fantastic. Hawn was wed to Bill Hudson from 1976 till 1982. Hawn later dated fellow actor Kurt Russell for many years.

"This was my personal impression growing up without a father figure, when I needed her presence and she was absent at times," Hudson added. Even without my absent father, she popped up more often.

The way Hudson saw their father-son relationship changed after he learned to sympathize with Bill's difficult upbringing, he claimed. "His dad left him when he was 5 years old in the middle of the night," stated the man. "My dad didn't do exactly that, but essentially he bailed."

According to Oliver, "it was incredible" while they were together. I was the center of his attention. It was a football game. We got down to some hoops. The beach was our location. He showed me the ropes of fishing. He was always there, but he never really showed up.

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