Reid thinks Purdy has things under control as 49ers QB

Orlova, Florida — The quarterback is widely considered to be the best in the game, according to Super Bowl-winning coach Andy Reid. After Super Bowl LVIII, he also had a newfound respect for the 49ers' quarterback.

The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 in overtime on February 11 in Las Vegas thanks to Super Bowl MVP quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who threw for 333 yards and two touchdowns.

Even though San Francisco scored a field goal on the first possession of overtime, Brock Purdy might have been a frontrunner for most valuable player if the game had continued. "Yeah, I really admire Brock," Reid stated during Monday's NFL Annual Meeting. "I think he's great. It makes no difference to me where he was drafted, does it? To be honest, I could care less.

In the 2023 NFL Draft, Iowa State selected Purdy with the 262nd overall choice. His play at the season's finish helped the 49ers promote him to starting quarterback. Last summer, San Francisco dealt Trey Lance to the Dallas Cowboys, cementing Purdy as the starting quarterback. In the NFL Draft of 2021, Lance was selected with the third overall choice.

Purdy received four votes for league MVP in his rookie season. With 4,280 passing yards, he broke the 49ers franchise record and had the NFL's best passer rating of 113.0. The 9.6 yards per attempt that Purdy threw for were the best in the league.

To to Reid, "He's just a good player" while describing Purdy. "He perceives the field. Not only is he composed, but he also has excellent accuracy and timing with his receivers. You get the impression that he's got everything pretty well under control.

With one touchdown and no interceptions on 23 of 38 throw attempts, Purdy had a solid game in Super Bowl LVIII. The 49ers made NFL history when they were the first team to lead three times in the fourth quarter and again in overtime before losing.

In the first play of overtime, the 49ers drove 66 yards for the game-winning field goal. Up next, Kansas City assumed control. After a 13-play, 75-yard drive, Mahomes completed the game-winning throw to Mecole Hardman for three yards. This was the third Super Bowl title for the Chiefs in the previous five seasons.

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