Shanahan likes Staley's initial boost in 49ers role.

ORLANDO— One month with new associate head coach Brandon Staley has affected the 49ers' 2024 blueprint. Staley has been important since joining the Bay earlier in March, according to Coach Kyle Shanahan at the NFL Annual Meeting on Tuesday.

Brandon has a lot of knowledge being a coordinator in this league and also being a head coach the last few years," he said. "He knows several players and is active in the draft. A somebody with his skills helping us is always welcome."

The 49ers signed edge rusher Leonard Floyd to a two-year, $20 million contract after Staley, who led the Chargers to a 24-24 record from 2021 to 2023, provided significant free-agency advice. As Los Angeles Rams defensive coordinator in 2020, Staley coached Floyd.

"Having Brandon on our staff was great," Shanahan added. "He got to coach [Floyd] in L.A., and just hearing the type of practice player he is, he goes all day, loves playing football, and I’m pumped to have him on our team

After Steve Wilks was sacked, Shanahan and general manager John Lynch promoted in-house candidate Nick Sorensen over Staley, despite his background. Though they added Staley as associate head coach at the same time, Shanahan outlined Tuesday how the responsibilities will differ.

Nick will call plays," Shanahan said. "Nick will help me with game planning, everything on that side of the ball, and other areas. Brandon will implement most of our defense in the offseason and each week, preparing for teams.

“He’s been a big part of free agency already,” Shanahan said. “He helped us draft and will be a huge asset to the coaching staff. Once practice and OTAs begin, use another guy's knowledge, who knows a lot about the game and has ran many schemes

Shanahan hires several senior coaches and coordinators to help him plan games and brainstorm. Anthony Lynn, who succeeded Staley as Chargers head coach (2017-20), is the 49ers' run game coordinator.

Another defense eye will be added by Staley, who coached outside linebackers for the Chicago Bears (2017-18) and Denver Broncos (2019). "Helped us with the draft, and he'll be a huge asset to the whole coaching staff," he said. Once practice and OTAs begin, use another ball-savvy person. He ran several scams."

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