Three reasons to buy Nvidia stock now

AI discussions must incorporate Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA). The business pioneered GPUs, which power many of the world's most advanced AI models, and continues to innovate rapidly.

On Monday at the GPU Technology Conference (GTC), which began on Sunday in San Jose, California, Nvidia revealed many surprising findings that imply the AI revolution is just beginning. Conference results support investing in this company. Three reasons to buy Nvidia stock now.

1. Nvidia introduced the next "must-have" AI processor. When ChatGPT debuted in late 2022, generative AI adoption accelerated. These next-generation AI models might enhance productivity, so firms scrambled to figure out how to benefit. Nvidia's H100 Tensor Core GPU trained large language models (LLMs) 30 times quicker than its previous AI devices. Last year's processors.

Nvidia launched Blackwell "to power a new era of computing." on Monday. CEO Jensen Huang calls the Blackwell B200 Tensor Core GPU the "world's most powerful chip" for AI. The CPU has 208 billion transistors (up from 80 billion in the H100) and five times the performance. The architecture uses two tightly integrated GPUs that work together. The Blackwell GPU supports 10 trillion parameters. For context, ChatGPT's LLM, GPT-3, had 175 billion parameters.

The GB200 Grace Blackwell Superchip also has two B200 chips, a Grace CPU, and an NVLink high-speed interface that works together. An AI-centric processor can perform 30 times better than its predecessor and use 25 times less energy.

2. Cloud providers want Nvidia products. Like Nvidia's AI-centric processors, the top cloud infrastructure providers are offering its latest technologies in the cloud. AWS CEO Adam Selipsky stated the GB200 Grace Blackwell Superchip "marks a significant step forward in generative AI and GPU computing."

Microsoft confirmed it would be "one of the first organizations to bring the power of Nvidia Grace Blackwell GB200" to Azure Cloud. Microsoft Copilot, its generative AI-powered digital assistant, would receive AI predictions from Nvidia processors. Alphabet also announced "Grace Blackwell-powered DGX Cloud coming to Google Cloud." This was just the beginning, as Nvidia announced partnerships with Oracle, Dell Technologies, Meta Platforms, and others.

3. Nvidia's hardware isn't everything. Nvidia is known for its AI processors, but it's not done. Nvidia Inference Manager (NIM), a breakthrough software platform, streamlines AI system construction and implementation

Businesses can adjust pre-built and optimized AI models from Nvidia using first-party data. This saves firms time by eliminating the need to reinvent the wheel when deploying AI. Smaller enterprises without the resources of big giants can adopt and use AI with these technologies.

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