U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert requested restraining order against ex-husband dismissed.

RIFLE, Colorado — Representative Lauren Boebert of the United States of America requested that a temporary restraining order be issued against her ex-husband, and on Monday, a judge granted her request.

The Glenwood Springs Post Independent reported that Representative Boebert urged Judge Jonathan Pototsky to withdraw the injunction she had obtained against Jayson Bobert during a court session in Rifle, Colorado. 

She stated that they had reached a "strict" arrangement, which she expects he will adhere to.

The request for the restraining order was made by Representative Boebert one month ago. She had accused Jayson Boebert of threatening to harm her and entering the family's house without permission

This was the most recent incident in a string of disagreements that had occurred between her and Jayson Boebert.

Representative Boebert, a Republican who is on the far right and an ardent friend of former President Donald Trump, moved from the town of Silt in Colorado to Windsor in her new district in December in order to avoid a difficult reelection campaign

She mentioned the instability in her family as another reason for her decision.

As part of her request, she brought up a disagreement that took place on January 6 in a restaurant. During that argument, Jayson Boebert claimed that she had hit him, a claim that he later denied and that the police eventually determined to be unjustified.

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